The 2023 Decor Trend for You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

      Multifunctional spaces trend

      As 2023 approaches, new?home decor trends?are starting to emerge—and while it’s exciting to see what to look forward to, this upcoming year is changing our focus toward taking care of ourselves. It turns out home decor can be part of self-care, especially when you’re being intentional about it.

      From neutral color schemes to plant life, plenty of trends are sticking around. Yet there are plenty of new concepts also working their way into home decor spaces—so where do you start?

      Our zodiac signs can give some insight not only into our personalities but how to style and design our homes to best suit our needs. Check out your zodiac sign below to see which home decor trend for 2023 is the best fit for you.

      Aries: Bold Accent Walls

      Living room with floral wallpaper accent wall

      As ambitious as Aries signs often are, it’s no surprise that you would be drawn to trends that stand out. 2023 is embracing?statement walls?featuring older colors, prints, and decor that are more than Instagram-worthy, especially given the amount of time many have continued to spend at home. You are all about expression in ways that aren’t always subtle, and there is much you can play with when it comes to curating the perfect accent wall.

      Taurus: Lavender Hues

      Lavender decor trend

      Lavender is making its way back into color schemes this upcoming year, and no one better than Taurus is ready to embrace it head-on. Taurus is associated both with stability and being grounded (as an Earth sign), yet is also very invested in all things beautiful, elegant, and luxurious (as it’s a sign ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, creativity, and romance). Lavender navigates both sides of this well—the light purple tone is known to evoke feelings of calm and relaxation, while also giving an elegant, upscale feel to any room.

      Gemini: Multi-Functional Spaces

      Multifunctional spaces trend

      Multi-functional spaces will be continuing into 2023, and will only become more intentional in decor and design. For the ever-changing Gemini, this is good news—turning spaces into a place that fosters multiple concepts is perfectly up your alley. Rather than isolating certain activities to certain rooms, multi-functional spaces allow for plenty of flexibility, especially in smaller spaces that require an adaptable layout.

      Cancer: Spaces Promoting Wellness

      Relaxing living room

      While the two may not feel inextricably linked, home decor and wellness have the opportunity to work hand in hand—especially when it comes to curating spaces for us to get away from it all. 2023 trends point to spaces designed to nurture us—which feels very aligned with Cancer signs, doesn’t it? Whether it’s using soothing hues, creating relaxing corners and accessories, or just creating a sense of privacy, the goal is to create an atmosphere where you can fully relax.

      Leo: Arches

      Painted arch in bedroom

      Leo signs, in all their regality and elegance, know how to take something simple and elevate it with ease. Enter another trend making the rounds again into 2023: arches. Of course, doorway arches or windows are stunning pieces of architecture that change the feel of a space, but you don’t have to undergo an entire home renovation to incorporate the decor style. The rounded shape is bound to show up in mirrors, decor pieces,?wall murals, and even tile options—so you’ll have plenty to choose from to express your best self, Leo.

      Virgo: Earth Tone Hues

      Earth tone decor trend

      If?Sherwin-William’s Color of the Year for 2023?is any indication, we will certainly be seeing plenty go earth-tone hues trending in the home decor scene. Naturally, this is ideal for Virgos, who love embracing hues that are clean, simple, and can be adapted into any space and virtually any style. The grounded nature of the tones resonates perfectly with an Earth sign, so don’t be afraid to embrace this color palette.

      Libra: Curved Furniture and Decor

      Curved furniture trend

      Similar to arches,?rounded furniture and decor?are also working their way into 2023 home decor trends. Rounded corners in furniture and decor add softness and create an inviting atmosphere, which resonates well with Libra signs. Libra is known for creating beautiful and comforting settings that make people feel welcome without sacrificing style or flair. Rounded styles simply offer another option to add to the scene, and can range from more demonstrative options like sofas and tables to more subtle inclusions like rugs and photo frames.

      Scorpio: Plant Life

      Houseplant trend

      Contrary to popular belief, Scorpio signs aren’t all about dark color schemes and low-light spaces. Many are unaware of Scorpio’s association with transformation, and any plant lover knows how quickly (and easily) plant life transforms a space. As 2023 approaches, we will see more plant life and decor ideas that incorporate them—and plenty of plants can thrive in dark, low-light spaces, so there is no need to transform everything at once, Scorpio.

      Sagittarius: Home Retreats

      Luxury bathroom retreat

      Decorating our homes has become more crucial than ever, especially given how often many have needed to stay home rather than travel as much as they would like. 2023 is seeing an increase in home retreats—styles and accents that incorporate worldly and escapist concepts without leaving your house. While Sagittarius signs would love nothing more than to travel to new places, the upcoming year is pushing for transforming your home into the places you’ve fallen in love with—a retreat to escape to when you’re unable to actually step foot on the plane.

      Capricorn: Personalized Workspaces

      Home office trend

      It’s no secret that?home workspaces?have garnered plenty of attention in the last couple of years, especially from those who work from home. Capricorns aren’t afraid to have dedicated spaces to get work done and know the importance of creating an environment that keeps them focused. 2023 trends point to making workspaces that are personalized, and even able to be tucked away once the day ends. Home offices can often blur the lines between work and relaxation, so working with elements that can either transform the office into a different space, or that can simply be tucked away, can actually be a great advantage for the hard-working Capricorns who never know when to finally clock out for the day,

      Aquarius: Organic Materials and Accents

      Living room with natural accents

      Next year is also continuing to encourage decor choices that are more sustainable and eco-friendly, which is good news for the environment, but also for Aquarians who desire to decorate their space without leaving too much of a footprint in their wake. The trends point to natural fabrics—think cottons, wool, etc.—and furniture that may not perfectly match, but still works well together regardless.

      Pisces: 70s Retro

      70s decor trend

      Traveling back in time, 2023 is bringing back some beloved concepts from the 70s into the current home decor scene. Muted tones and retro furniture pieces are certainly finding their place in homes as of late, and for the nostalgic sign Pisces, this is a match made in heaven. Something to keep in mind:?fungi, in particular, are really taking the spotlight, from mushroom-shaped lighting and decor to fungi prints, the 70s vibes are bound to sweep the home decor options this year.

      Any questions please feel free to ask me through Andrew@sinotxj.com

      Post time: Dec-19-2022
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